The beauty and health of a tree can be maintained by employing a pruning plan and Statewide Trees Pty Ltd has developed a reputation for excellence in fine pruning techniques. Types of tree pruning undertaken include – removal of deadwood, weight reduction and crown reduction pruning and improving the form and shape of a tree. There is nothing more satisfying to our Arborists than to be able to create a work of art with your trees.  All our pruning is undertaken according to Australian Standard AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees.

Many of the risks of limb failure and storm damage can be avoided by regular pruning of your valuable trees. Our Arborists will be happy to assist you with advice on pruning to ensure your trees are safe and are pruned to enhance the amenity value of your property.

Statewide Trees Pty Ltd staff are also skilled in hedge and creeper pruning and we pride ourselves on creating a hedge that is manicured, not just cut to size.