Cable Bracing

Used in conjunction with tree pruning, cable bracing can be used to firm up susceptible branches or stem unions and prevent them failing. Insertion of steel rods may be necessary to strengthen a weak limb crotch. This allows the shape and structure of the tree to be maintained.  Our Arborist will discuss this option with you, if required.

Possum Guards

The application of possum guards on the trunk of the tree, along with pruning to restrict possum access, can help with possum related tree problems. These can be a useful options, to prevent defoliation and stress of trees from possum feeding. Ask our qualified Arborists whether a possum guard would assist you maintain your valuable trees.

Natural Habitat Creation

Ask us about the possibility of creating a natural habitat for wildlife in your trees. This may include installing a possum box in a large tree.  Or maybe you have a tree for removal, but would like to leave a small section of the trunk for birds or other wildlife.