Arborists are qualified tree professionals who are trained in the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs and have completed the appropriate level of training in order to do so. Often referred to as Tree Surgeons, Arborists are trained in correct pruning methods and standards and follow Australian Standard AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees. This standard covers areas such as pruning procedures; foliage distribution; pruning classes; unacceptable practices; and, root pruning. Arborists do NOT undertake tree lopping, which is another term commonly used by some in the general public.

Tree lopping increases the risk of limb failure and tree health decline over time. Decay and disease are more likely to be introduced from lopping wounds. Poorly pruned trees may never recover their shape and structure and can cost many thousands of dollars in remedial pruning.

The qualified Arborists at Statewide Trees Pty Ltd will be happy to discuss the health and structure of your trees and work with you on a plan to ensure their safety and beauty for many years to come.

Our Arborist Services

Below is a list of our Arborist Services in Melbourne

The beauty and health of a tree can be maintained by employing a pruning plan and Statewide Trees Pty Ltd has developed a reputation for excellence in fine pruning techniques. Types of tree pruning undertaken include – removal of deadwood, weight reduction and crown reduction pruning and improving the form and shape of a tree. There is nothing more satisfying to our Arborists than to be able to create a work of art with your trees.  All our pruning is undertaken according to Australian Standard AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees.

Many of the risks of limb failure and storm damage can be avoided by regular pruning of your valuable trees. Our Arborists will be happy to assist you with advice on pruning to ensure your trees are safe and are pruned to enhance the amenity value of your property.

Statewide Trees Pty Ltd staff are also skilled in hedge and creeper pruning and we pride ourselves on creating a hedge that is manicured, not just cut to size.

Sometimes tree problems cannot be solved by pruning and it may be necessary to remove the tree. This may be because the tree position is poor and is causing problems to adjacent structures, the tree might be structurally unsound and therefore unsafe or it may be overmature or dying.  The staff at Statewide Trees  are qualified at removing your tree in a safe and efficient manner, in order to avoid damage to your property and your garden.

Arboricultural staff use safe tree climbing techniques using rope and harness.  If this is not possible, we may use elevated work platforms to remove the tree. All debris and rubbish will be removed from site and your garden left in pristine condition.

Regulations regarding tree removals vary from council to council and our Arborists will advise you whether a tree permit is required and assist you, if necessary, with the application procedure.

If required, Statewide Trees Pty Ltd will remove/grind the tree stump as well as remove the tree. Some clients may not wish to do this, so our Arborist will discuss this aspect with you. Removal of the stump is usually required if you want to undertake other landscaping such as paving, planting lawn or wish to build a structure on the site.

Cable Bracing – used in conjunction with tree pruning, cable bracing can be used to firm up susceptible branches or stem unions and prevent them falling. This allows the shape and structure of the tree to be maintained.  Our Arborist will discuss this option with you, if required.

Possum Guards – The application of possum guards on the trunk of the tree, along with pruning to restrict possum access, can help with possum related tree problems. These can be a useful options, to prevent defoliation and stress of trees from possum feeding. Ask our qualified Arborists whether a possum guard would assist you maintain your valuable trees.

Natural Habitat Creation – ask us about the possibility of creating a natural habitat for wildlife in your trees. This may include installing a possum box in a large tree.  Or maybe you have a tree for removal, but would like to leave a small section of the trunk for birds or other wildlife.

Trees can be damaged during storms. Limb failure, especially in poorly maintained trees, is common. Statewide Trees Pty Ltd can assist with all aspects of storm damage, whether clean up and removal of branches or tree removal. We will respond to your requests quickly, as we know the damage from trees during a storm can be distressing to you and cause unnecessary inconvenience.

Mulch is excellent for assisting with moisture retention in soil and for improving soil quality. The bush mulch supplied by Statewide Trees Pty Ltd is available for sale and we would be more than happy to deliver a truck load to your home. Of course, if we are removing or pruning your trees, you can choose to keep the mulch or firewood at no extra cost. Just let our Arborists know what you would like.